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Sold and Shipped 1,561 colouring books and got 12.83% conversion
Sometime the hype about a new product makes the product seem too good to be true. But that is not the case with Mints.

With Mints I was up and running in no time. I have found the Mints App a great add on to boost social interaction with my blog posts, it's a tool I definitely recommend to any marketer.
Craig Wakefield - Rabid Blogger
You would be crazy not to use Mints App in your business (it's worth ten time the price I paid for it)...
I bought mints app and I have simply loved it. It's so easy to use and alot of fun. I feel like it's so worth the price i paid ten times over. I have used this in several niches and it gets alot of attention from my clients. I highly recommend Mints app.You would be crazy not to use this in your business.
Brian Stephens - Local Business Marketer
Meet Jeff Knollenberg Using Mints App to Segment his
in the Cycling Niche and Running More Profitable Offers
to them - "the engagement is out of this world"

I was able to narrow down my bicycling list a lot more using mints app and right now I'm getting tons of engagement and got good information on the kind of products they love
Jeff Knollenberg
Christopher Walden used mints app to build a huge list of 2,214 people within 7 days in the travel & tour niche where he sells very lucrative and high ticket travel and vacation packages

"I no longer pay for Facebook Ads, mints app is getting me new leads everyday"
MintsApp is not only easy to use , I use it to generate new leads, targeted traffic and super engage fans! Plus now I don't need to spend on Facebook ads!

I'm getting really amazing results from my 17 day old fan page.
Dawid Ryba
Rick Lafta, a very successful local business owner is using mints app to profile his clients, personalise their offers & close high ticket sales.
I purchased MintsApp when it first came out, I use it all the time, it helps me determine what my clients like thebest and when I go on sales calls I already know what I'm going to show them.

The app helps drive traffic to my site and has made me sales already, and it helps me get that interaction on my Facebook Fan page.

Thanks guys for the great software!
Rick Lafta - CEO Custom Concrete Design
Watch Mints App Power User "Scott Lichau" Tell It All...

"Best Software Released... It Actually Makes Money - Conrad"

I bought MintsApp after seeing remarkable results from clever top video marketers who are integrating youtube annotations linking to their landing pages where MintsApp CTA takeover. This app is a no-brainer in terms of inciting user engagement, it's also very simple to setup, & is very effective.
Jonathan Lawrence
I always use Mints App to test which products my audience wants and which one would sell out fast before committing huge marketing budget on a product, it pretty much guarantees every single campaign I run will turn a positive ROI.
Greg Lespes
Cliff Pelloni - Online Marketer & Author

Testing some ads for a new funnel. Used the mints app and conversions increases by 30%! Installing in on all my funnels.
"Mints App gives me the BEST results for my Facebook campaigns - 40% more sales!"
I use mints app a lot because it gives me the best results for my Facebook campaign; the people who see my adverts on Facebook are more motivated to CLICK and that is what you need !

The best part though is that I've increased my sales by over 40% using this tool, it is truly an amazing piece of software !

My advice: Try and use it for the first time and you can't do without it anymore!
Oscar Homan - Internet Marketing Coach

Konstantinos Bimplis Blew $3,000 Trying to Do It Himself Then Realised Nothing Comes Closes to Mints App... it's Unrivalled!
I had spent more than $3000 developing a custom poll script solution that doesn't even come close to what Mints App does. I was so excited when I first saw it that I jumped in immediately. Never looked back since.

I'm really happy that it fully supports non-english languages! And the Collections upgrade is a feature that no other tool in the market has. I recommend Mints App everyone who wants to be successful online.
Konstantinos Bimplis - Neurophysicist
Adrian van Iersel from Netherlands agrees mints app is a must have

We run a architectural and interior design firm, using mints app allowed us to engage our clients much further and offering them choices from our designs of nice houses (interior/exterior).

Most of those clients we engaged came back and hired us for one of our services thereafter. We can highly recommend the Mints App to any business owner for better client engagement and sales closing.
Marc Lüllmann - CEO - VastuArchitektur

35% Response Rate Day-in-Day-out... GET MINTS APP 2.0 NOW!

Even Celebrity Dog Trainer, Pet Advocate & CEO of Total Pet
Publishing "Ryan O' Meara"
Uses Mints App to Increase Engagement
with His Mailing List & Social Media Followers

We use MintsApp to integrate into our social media and web contents. It has been very well received by our users who enjoy the opportunity to have their opinions heard via an easy to understand, simple click system.

We have some very creative ways to use the platform to both increase our social media engagement and grow our mailing lists.

We've used the product in many forms with massive success. The MintsApp interface is very simple to use and all of our content writers are now using it to incorporate interactivity within our contents.

I would recommend MintsApp for anyone who wants to deliver that extra layer of engagement in the content they produce as well as people who wish to grow their mailing lists faster. It's easy to use and it just works.

Ryan O' Meara
And all these results you're seeing right now is really just the scratch of it, mints app is bringing more success
to regular people like you every single day!
Simply put...

The Mints App platform has produced more results and success stories than any other marketing software online - period!

And right now, we just rebuilt and upgraded the whole system with an entirely
redrafted technology to power our brand new performance-driven engine creating a
whole new animal bent on delivering even bigger, better, faster results.

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And let me tell you this my friend...

...MintsApp is not only helping our members turn huge profits overnight, it's growing our business at an exceptional rate!

It turned our fashion brand into a 6 figure empire in few months and allowed us to build really massive retail outlets & fashion houses nationwide.

Using Mints App has allowed us to collect over 14,000 fresh new leads and we have 100s more coming in every single day through customer-driven funnels ready to buy whatever we're selling...

And this has enabled us to sell our luxury apparels with price
tags over $200 by the hundreds every single month...

All because of one single software we introduced into our business "Mints App" and we're not the only ones getting results with this system

Check out Jamel who's killing it with Mints App in the Sports Gear niche with a 6 figure business setup...

In fact, since we released the first version of this marketing platform to the public last year, our customers have gone ahead to use it to reach, engage and interact with over 1 million customers world-wide, generated over 480,000 super responsive email leads and influenced over $2 million dollars in revenue.

The numbers are staggering & growing every single day, take a look:

And you can use it to build a 6 figure business in any niche you
want automatically in less than 30 days from now and you'll
have customer begging you to sell something to them

Running eCommerce & Shopify Stores

Promoting Affiliate & CPA Offers

Promote Your Local Business
hotels, restaurant, gyms, clinics etc.

Build Digital Products Business
sell ebooks, software, training course etc.

Build Huge Email List & Engage Your Blog Visitors Interactively

Get More Coaching Clients on Your Landing Pages

This is the MOST advanced polling software on the planet and the kind of result it gets is unrivalled - the marketing technology behind it is unlike anything you've ever seen before allowing it to turn any business on it's head and acquire customers on auto-pilot!

So, is this another...

Traffic hack? No

Google backdoor? Think bigger

Push button Money-out-of-thin-air
FB ads loophole? No

Affiliate marketing secret? No

CIA FBI secret software? Duuude????

The Biggest Customer Acquisition & Engagement
Technology to Ever Hit The Market Just Got


Ever since releasing the very first version of mints app which took the internet by storm and ushered in a new era of making money online with cutting-edge marketing technology that was unbelieved at first.

But after going ahead to use the platform to help our first users acquire hundreds of thousands of buyer leads and influence product purchases worth over 2 million dollars in the last 6 months... many have come to realise that the marketing revolution they've been waiting for is already here.
And it's happening thanks to the new sales funnel design introduced by mints app platform which is undoubtedly the most engaging and interactive way to reach out to visitors, convince and convert them into buyers and rave customers within minutes.

But none of these amazing success
slowed down our innovation...

We realised that this sales technology which is based on user engagement, interaction and audience polling is new and could only get better (we've only just scratched the surface with the 1.0 version release)

So, went back to the system and started testing out new methods, new approaches, new engagement interfaces, new designs all from scratch looking for new ways to increase attraction, interaction, engagement, retention and most importantly, sales.

Because regardless of the business you run, you have one goal... to make PROFITS!

And we wanted to build the ULTIMATE PROFIT AUTOMATION TOOL that anyone can start using right now and become profitable in hours even those with zero experience on selling online and without going through any level of complexity or learning curve.

We wanted to a "Plug n' Play Sales Machine" and that's what we built...

...the technology behind it literally forces people to interact, engage and buy our offers without us lifting a finger.

...And it's so good that it keeps pumping in profits into
our campaigns non-stop every single day
(this thing is a pure animal and when you see some of the results we're
getting with it daily, you'll FLIP)
Check this out...

An affiliate promotion campaign for Instamate generated 700+ audience interaction within 48 hours and brought in mad volume of sales that will make you FLIP...

$17,198.02 sales in 1 day from just one customer-driven funnel campaign...

The next day... the campaign still continued to pump in mad sales on auto-pilot and made me $9,641

By the end of this campaign... we had $40,000 revenue from one tiny Mints App customer-driven funnels setup and we do this every time we're promoting offers on the internet...
... In fact, here's another promo we setup using mints funnel that totally crushed it, gained massive audience interaction and brought in a lot of sales for us

1,021 audience interactions (this is one of best funnels yet... customers were so excited and they were emailing us begging to buy the product we were promoting even before it went live)
in a single day...

And everyday after that... the campaign just kept pumping in mad sales volume on autopilot

And if you think what we're doing with mints app on
affiliate promotions is cool... check out what we're doing with
it on physical products (eCommerce) — its nuts!

Branded electronic sonic make-up remover for women
we're selling at $19.97 - it's one of the handiest beauty
accessory you could pitch to any woman
See the mints app campaign we setup for it gross over 8,600 audience interactions...

2,072 copies sold/shipped and $41,377.84 in revenue
within the 60 day length we ran the campaign

The system is so addictive we have our audience begging us to
sell products to them
(this is the highest level of customer-
acquisition when customers beg to be sold to).

A Recent Mints-Styled Campaign We Just Ran
for Our Fashion House that Drove 1,600+ Women Crazy
And Had 100s of Them Begging Us to Sell The Handbag
to Them Even Before It Hits the Stores

Check this out...

And I could go on forever... the purchase request came in by the hundreds within 72 hours.

So, tell me...

What do you think will happen to your business when you have hundreds of ready-to-buy customers begging you to sell to them?

And what would you do if you have access to a system that could guarantee such results for your business right now?


the Mints App version 1.0 which has helped business owners & marketers gain massive success like this was just a testing ground...
Mints App 2.0 is

You see when we designed and built the first mints app 1.0 that brought in these wild successes we're seeing everywhere, truth is we were still testing and learning the art of customer-driven funnels and how to work structure them to get great results.

We've been scaling and optimising the entire strategy to attract attention faster, deliver more engagement, bring in 10x more sales and leads than normal.

And finally, we've perfected technology so much that it makes the 1.0 version completely obsolete. We took the entire 1.0, tore it down and built everything back up from scratch with a whole new performance-driven engine.

Everything is automated inside-out so that anyone (especially YOU) can easily set it up in less than 2 minutes, let it run on complete auto-pilot and bring you fresh leads and sales every single day non-stop.

So.. Are You Ready to Kick-butt and Get
Massive Results Right Now?

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Success with this new marketing platform is
EASIER than pushing a button...

Almost 43,000 subscribers
in another ActiveCampaign account

23,089 freshly acquired leads
in another Aweber account

$80,446.34 in product sales
in the last 2 months alone

Results like this is just 1 campaign away once you have
Mints App 2.0 to start making money with as early as today.

And you can get started in just 3 steps...

step #1

Create a campaign
in 5 seconds

(now with 5 campaign types with a whole new UI design to improve experience)

step #2

Design and configure
in 2 minutes

(now with 5 campaign types with a whole new UI design to improve experience)

step #3

Publish and profit instantly

Ready to
get started?


The Redrafted Mints App 2.0
That's Going to Get You
Engagement & Profits as Early as Today

Brand new sleek user interface with filing technology allowing you to create successful campaigns and projects in minutes

Once you access the all new mints app 2.0 dashboard, you'll instantly notice the striking difference between the 2.0 and older 1.0 version, there's no comparison. The 2.0 dashboard is very rich, more sleek, easier to navigate and use and with the new project filing technology, you can now easily group your funnels & campaigns by niches, products, clients, websites etc., it's like having the tradition PC-based folder technology and our users agree it's more effective.

5 Customer-Driven Funnel Templates to Allow
You Create any Type of Campaigns for ANY Niche and
become Very Profitable before the next day

The first mints app version 1.0 only had 3 CDFs but while we were perfecting this stuff, we discovered and engineered 2 more CDF templates that now gets better results than the 3 regular ones we've been using with the first version and this alone has increased our revenue by 210%

New Flagship Broad CDF Design that Gets
5x More Interactions

Want more engagement and interactions with your audience? We've been hard at work testing multiple CDF design combinations and finally with this new Mints App 2.0, we're proud to present you with a brand new flagship broad CDF design that shatters every record and bring home the bacon for interaction, this new broad design have proven over and over again to get more attention and interaction with audiences that the standard design

Configure & Personalise Your Campaigns
Seamlessly with our Live Editor

Collect Leads, Sell Products and Go Viral on
Social Media Instantly
& in a More Interactive Way
using the New Mints App 2.0 PVA Design

The PVA is the most important piece of your mints app customer-driven funnel because it's what guarantees your sales, leads and traffic so what we did was to vigorously test out multiple layouts, designs etc. and finally we discovered the highest converting of them that makes 570% more sales every single time it was used then we rolled it into the new Mints App 2.0 as the new flagship PVA to guarantee your results on every campaign you run starting today.

Connect Directly & Know Your Audience Personally
with New Voters Authentication Technology

This is one of the brazen new feature that distinctly sets the Mints App 2.0 on a whole new level allowing to mine more useful data and discover your audience in a new light.

Now, you'll not just see names of people that come into your funnel but you'll actually become personally connected to any person that takes action on your sale funnel, this new technology works through Facebook and Google which pretty much everyone uses
New Commenting Feature Brings Real Life to
Your Customer-Driven Funnels and Forces Your
Campaigns to Have Twice MORE Engagement

Monitor The Activities of Your Campaigns in Real Time
(Now Segmented with Time-lining Infrastructure)

Our inbuilt activity stream technology allows you to monitor the actions your audience are taking on your campaigns in real time.

Even better, we upgraded with streaming time-lining infrastructure to segment the streams into daily events.

Now, you can engage them even more by instantly contacting them once they take action on your funnel to personally follow up on their choices.

This level of engagement is very powerful for selling high ticket items.

Professional Image Library with Access to Up to 7 Million
Royalty Free Images
to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

New Funnels Page Template That Makes MORE Money
(pre-built with a Professional Page Editor for Full Customisation)

Easily Publish to Anywhere in Seconds —
just Copy ‘n' Paste!

Mints App comes with 4 publishing platforms allowing you to publish and promote your customer-driven funnels extensively.

The first being the iFrame and Script that allows you to embed the funnels on strategic places such as your blogs, websites, landing pages, inside your contents, sales pages, squeeze pages etc.

You also have the web page publishing that gives you direct URL of a high converting page with your campaign on it which has proven to be the most converting of them all - we took our time to build this.

And finally, the social media publishing...

Everything is
Mobile Ready

Integrated With The Industry-
Leading Email Service Providers

Fully Hosted In the Clouds
(No Downloads, No Installations & No Configurations)

Full Campaign
Performance Tracking

Works for All
Languages & Countries

Zero Technical Skills & No
Marketing Experience Required

So, Are you Ready to Start Interacting & Engaging Your
Audience MORE Effectively
and Using a Never-Seen Before Sales Funnel Technology to Close More
Sales, Get More Leads & Stream More Buyer Traffic to Your Offer
Lock In Your LIFETIME Access to
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And You Get Exclusive Bonuses
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$17,000/Day Affiliate Marketing
Template —
$497 Value

We've perfected our affiliate marketing package especially our presell pages and we've got it down to a template and this is the template we're using to make $10,000 - $20,000 daily promoting affiliate offers with Mints App 2.0. We're going to handover the template to you as special launch bonus when you buy mints app 2.0 right now.

LIVE TRAINING $2k per Day Mints
App Secret —
$299 Value

This training will be hosted on Thursday, April 7 @ 3pm EST and we'll have the replay going on till on Sunday midnight when this launch will close as well. During the live webinar, we're going to show you a secret traffic source we're using with Mints App and mobile CPA to make as much as $2k daily and show you how to copy the exact system for you... takes 5 minutes to setup.

$397 Value

We've discovered a brand new way to drive tens of thousands of visitors to customer-driven funnels or just about anywhere we want using a secret viral traffic source that no one else knows about it. This new traffic source is unlike anything you've ever seen, we took the step by step system and automated the traffic hack process resulting in a hot new viral traffic software that's pulling in mad traffic volume for us right now.

You get the software FREE today as special bonus.

Even Better...
Try Mints App 2.0
30 Day RISK FREE Money Back

Because we want you to start today with total peace of mind, your investment is backed up by a full 30 day money back guarantee - you will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part, because if our support ninjas can't fix your technical issues we'll refund you in full For that reason, we ask you to buy only when you are confident that you can benefit from this software and will follow the tutorials to get started.

Nicholas John Earned $24,120.88
Selling Amazon Products with Mints App

...and engaged 46,907 visitors on his website

This app helped me engage the visitors on my blog and sold a lot of my amazon products... it automated the entire

Manicure Salon interacts with 224
and got their first 69 customers
with just 1 mints app campaign

Hi Precious,
Here's some of the results we got after using Mints App.

As you can see from the screen shots, we had 1 campaign running promoting 2 different offers, we spent about $48 to drive traffic to the campaign who engaged 224 new audiences for us.

The campaign converted really well as we booked in a total of 69 new paid customers for our manicure salon based on the 2 offers we promoted.

1. Manicure + Pedicure + Gel Colour = 38 persons
2. Manicure + Gel Colour + Air Brush = 31 persons

Thank you... this is really such a cool software, looking forward to more.

- Sean Law

Mints App is getting us Exceptional Results...
20% CTR & 4% Sales
in the Mobile Phone Market
from the junky pop-up traffic we bought...
this is phenomenal by any standards

- John Moore

So, Lock In Your Access Now...


Low One-Time FEE
Only $67 Today

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