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Are you ready to start making money
with Mints App 2.0 immediately?

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Reseller Licenses

We'll give you 20 license to Mints App 2.0 you can resell right now to
other marketers, colleagues and business owners to make both one-time and monthly recurring income.

As you already know Mints App 2.0 is a cloud-based platform and that means normally, we sell it as a monthly subscription though we offered a special lifetime access as part of our JVZoo deal but that's a big opportunity for you because you'll be able charge monthly subscription fees on all the licenses you resell.

Imagine if you could sell each license $69 per month, for the entire 20 licenses… that's $1,380 per month income — you would have made back the entire money you invested today to procure mints app and then have a sustainable stream of income of people that'll be paying month-in-month-out.


Commercial License to Rent and Sell
Campaigns/Funnels to Clients & Businesses

if you really want to make a lot of money, the secret is in selling campaigns and customer-driven funnels to local businesses and your clients, they always pay high ticket fees for high converting funnels to sell their products.

And now, with this special commercial license, you'll now be to create and rent/sell highly profitable campaigns to local businesses, eCommerce stores, marketers etc. right from your mints app 2.0 dashboard and collect great pay checks as much as $299 per campaign and from our experience, many clients order 3- 5 campaigns in one go.

And you can create UNLIMITED campaigns for unlimited clients in any niche.

Just think to yourself, if only you could use this commercial license to sell at least 30 campaigns monthly, that's almost a $9,000 income for you.

The first 2 steps alone will have you profiting from Mints App 2.0 like a wildfire but when you see third step of our instant profits plan for you… you'll FLIP.


Project Collaboration Technology Allowing You
to Share, Outsource, Team Up and Effortlessly
Create BETTER Performing Campaigns

You'll now be able to send/accept requests on project collaboration... every successful business owner understands that success is a result of team effort and true collaboration with all parties involved in the project execution including 3rd parties, contractors and consultants.

Once you upgrade to the mints app 2.0 reseller license, you'll now be able to collaborate on projects across Mints App 2.0 platform and get astonishing results.

Ready to Get Started Profiting with
Mints App 2.0 and Reselling Licenses?

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  • Full 20 Reseller Licenses

  • Full Commercial Licenses

  • Project Collaboration Technology

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Only $297

Mints App 2.0 Agency Kit

Amateur offer

  • Only 10 Reseller Licenses

  • No Commercial License

  • No Project Collaboration Technology

Only $197

Mints App 2.0 Agency (Beginner LITE Kit)

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