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These results were only possible using the Mints App collections feature and
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Build Super-Addictive Collections That
Drive Prospects Deeper Into Your Funnels & Easily
Convert Audience into Buyers in REALTIME

Now, even boasting an upgraded engine... imagine the power that comes with the ability to take any of your audience and drill them through your customer- driven funnel such that before coming out of the other end of the funnel, they’re already paying you money.

That’s what happens when you upgrade your access to the SECRET Console today and stay using building collections instead of just basic campaigns inside the Mints App 2.0 platform.

With this exclusive feature, you’ll be able to find out more details about your audience with just one campaign in a more interactive manner that’s so engaging and addictive they never get bored of it...

In fact, most of our audiences have said it’s the


Let me give you a quick overview...

With the basic Mints App, you can setup CDF campaign
to find out just what kind of dress you audience likes.

But with this Mints App PRO,

you can now setup a collection-based CDF campaign that will find out what kind of dress they love, the color they prefer, their dress size, the footwear they want to go with it, their jewellery pick for the dress, the preferred handbag and other accessories such as scarf, glasses etc.

Now, that’s one campaign but you’ll be able to use it and sell over 5 complimentary products as a bundle making 5x more money from a single campaign that with your basic campaign.

Here’s a LIVE sample for you.

Other than giving you the immense power of selling MORE products and bundles with a single campaign, this feature also allows you to get really, really qualified leads for your products (especially for high ticket offers where you ought to profile your potential customers).

This is the most powerful way of building a customer- driven funnel and running Mints campaigns, you only get it with the PRO membership.

Now with the...

Flagship SmartFlow Technology

Unlike in our previously released Mints App pro version 1, this 100% new version 2 doesn’t just come with a whole new design language, freshly-baked UI and performance variant collections but ALSO with a special artificial intelligence called “SmartFlow Technology”.

This flagship technology built into the collections feature allows you to offer your each of your audience a personalised and uniquely tailored rich experience. can customise exactly what question your audience sees next based on choices they make.

Here’s a quick chart of a typical Mints App 2.0 collection campaign with SmartFlow technology powering the consumer experience.

SmartFlow technology allows you to interact with your audience more intelligently and personalise their experience guaranteeing more engagement and sales.

Find this advanced option on the dedicated dashboard that allows you to edit everything in realtime

Close High Ticket Sales, Consultation and Coaching Offers over the Phonewith the New Mint Apps 2.0 Feature You'll Find Inside the SECRET Console Section That Will Make You Super Profits

The ability to collect Phone numbers and Skype IDs to enable the sales force close mega deals, sell high-ticket products and consultation and coaching offers to prospects is the most requested feature by
Mints App 1.0 users.

Now, comes fully developed inside the PRO upgrade 2.0 platform, you’ll now easily collect personal phone numbers of your prospects and follow up with your sales team to close mega deals for huge paydays.

This is only possible when you get access to the SECRET Console today.

Easily Build Your List 10x Faster and Host Profitable Webinars Using Our Dual-Lead Distribution Technology with GoToWebinar Integration

For the first time ever... the hottest and rarest feature in lead generation comes into the Mints App 2.0 platform with the PRO upgrade to allow you LEGALLY distribute your leads to multiple email service providers at once.

So , maybe if you’re like us that always have a backup email marketing solution then you would want the leads you collect to be instantly added to your Aweber and ActiveCampaign accounts at once automatically, or maybe if you have a business partner you share leads with - this brand new PRO feature takes care of that lead distribution for you on autopilot.

And it does even more than just basic lead distribution...

We’ve seamlessly integrated the platform with GoToWebinar so that you can now host webinars and use our platform to profile prospects, drive attendees that will be automatically registered to your webinar easily while also collecting them to any of your email marketing service at the same time on complete auto-pilot.

This is by far the GREATEST advantage to have by your side when building a list or if you host webinars and this advantage only comes with your PRO upgrade.

Automatically Redirect Your Prospects to Any Page So You Sell MORE Products

Perhaps, the most prominent and profitable feature of Mints when it comes to making more sales with your campaigns is NOT the ability to display opt-in forms, coupon codes, viral share buttons and call to action buttons as you would see in the basic Mints app you already have.

We’ve gone ahead to integrate something MORE powerful that will aggresively draw in sales and new customers for your products all day long and that’s the “URL Redirect” feature.

You’ve Seen The Kind of Income We Generate Day after Day Running Interactive Affiliate Promotions with Mints App Which Could Only Be Possible with this Personalised URL Redirect Technology

Now, with Mints App 2.0 PRO... you can take your prospects to the exact sales page/offer page that suits the exact choice they picks in your funnels...

...this is our most powerful feature yet for selling products fast with Mints App and you get inside your PRO membership.

Get Double Social Traffic and Increase Your Audience With Every Campaign You Run

How would you really like to take your funnels and place them right inside a traffic honey pot (actually, 2 traffic honey pots)?

Listen, we want you to build up your audience really fast, generate huge traffic and run extremely successful campaigns with Mints and that’s why we went beyond the Facebook integration that you get with the basic app.

With the PRO upgrade, you will double and even triple traffic to your campaigns as you can now publish your funnels on not only Facebook newsfeed (as in the basic) but also on Google+ and Twitter feeds.

All this and MORE when you upgrade to LIFETIME membership access to the Mints App 2.0 PRO Club Today!

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